Restoring Your Body’s Balance with
Precision NUCCA Spinal Care

NUCCA spinal care is a state-of-the-art procedure that is designed for correcting the balance of spine, head, and pelvis. It adopts a holistic approach to restore your body balance for overall well-being. The NUCCA spinal repositioning technique gently repositions spinal alignment and reactivates the relay of natural healing messages from your brain to the affected body parts through your nervous system. This process stimulates the natural process of self-healing within your body. There are very few NUCCA spinal care facilities worldwide, and Atlas Health is one of these.

Aim Behind Discovery of NUCCA

Dr. Ralph Gregory, who belonged to Monroe, Michigan, founded and established the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) in 1996. This association aimed to use the technique of upper spine corrections to support patients in recovering from their chronic pain and conditions. He discovered that making small upper neck corrections helped the spine to restore its aligned vertical axis, which improved body functions.

Dr. Roger Sperry, Ph.D., was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for discovering that 90% of the activity in the brain is used for maintaining the balance of your body in the Earth?s gravitational field. He explained that when the body is imbalanced, it starts affecting the 10% remaining activity of your brain, which is responsible for performing other body functions such as thinking, digestion, circulation, and more.

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What Is NUCCA All About?

The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) is a particular treatment protocol in the spinal care field. NUCCA observes treatment procedure that corrects and returns the head, pelvis, and spine to their balanced state. This repositioning stimulates the brain to start resending natural healing signals to the affected parts of the body, thus beginning the natural process of self-healing.

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Why Is Body Balance Important for You?

Your head’s weight is balanced over your neck, which keeps your spinal cord in an upright position. When your head remains balanced with the neck and spine, you stay healthy without pain. If you suffer an injury or accident, or if your head weight shifts from the central position, your body tries to make compensation by adopting an imbalanced position. In response, your spine and pelvis lock and twist to a stressed state to keep your head remain in the center above your neck.

This body imbalance is evident when your one leg becomes longer or shorter than the other leg and the one side of your hips is lower or higher than the other side; this twist in your body structure results to muscular imbalance and abnormal body movements that gradually lead to wear and tear within the body. Such abnormal positioning causes pressure and stress on your entire nervous system and on your brain stem as well. As your central nervous system and brain stem play a crucial role in transmitting chemical messages and electrical impulses to the millions of body cells, the imbalance disrupts or restricts the relaying of those messages. This affects your overall body function, especially the involuntary functions, such as digestion, circulation, breathing, etc.

If this imbalanced state is not addressed, it will have long-term effects that will lead to the degeneration of body parts, which can no longer receive proper messages from the brain. This will further result in changes in behavior, mild to severe body pains, weakness against illness and diseases, dysfunction of body organs, reduced mobility, and even loss of limbs.

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How Do We Restore Your Body Balance through NUCCA?

The main objective of NUCCA is to restore the balance and unstressed position of your head, neck, pelvis, and spine using painless and gentle adjustments. At Atlas Health, our NUCCA specialists have years of experience in performing NUCCA adjustments with a high success rate. The process we adopt to perform NUCCA adjustments involves the following steps:

  • During the initial consultation, our specialist will conduct a thorough medical evaluation, which records your medical history, determines your fitness to the treatment, and answers your concerns.
  • Our expert will examine and calculate the exact position of your twisted spine.
    We take into account even a minute displacement of your spine because it can result to the decompression of your brain stem as well as body imbalance leading to health conditions.
  • Our NUCCA specialist will take several X-rays of your head, brain stem, and spine to determine the extent of imbalance and to know how much NUCCA corrections are required.
  • The formula for making NUCCA corrections is calculated from your physical X-rays and body mechanics.
  • Then you will be asked to lie down comfortably while our NUCCA specialist applies a mild pressure just underneath your ear. This pressure is applied to reposition your head gently to its balanced state over your neck. With this technique, the pressure will be removed from your brain stem, and your body’s natural balance should be restored.
  • Expect no painful cracking, or popping or forced twisting in NUCCA corrections, and you will not even feel that were corrections made.

Through this precision technique, the normal functioning of your nervous system will be restored, and your body involuntary will begin the natural healing and recovery process.

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