Sciatica is the back pain condition that transmits along the sciatic nerve path. The sciatic nerve extends from the lower back, hips, and buttocks and down to each leg. Generally, sciatica affects only one side.

Although sciatic pain is quite severe, in most cases, it can be resolved within just a few weeks with home treatments and with non-surgical interventions. Those who suffer from severe sciatic pain may experience significant weakness in legs, bowel, or changes in bladder function. In such cases, surgery may be required.

Signs and Symptoms

The pain radiating from your lumbar or lower back toward your buttocks and hips and in the region below them is a particular characteristic of sciatic pain.

  • You can feel the pain at any point along the pathway of the sciatic nerve. However, in most cases, it moves from the lower back down to your hips and buttocks and then to the backside of your thigh and calf.
  • The sciatic pain may vary in intensity. It can be a pain from mild to sharp, from a burning sensation to excruciating.
  • Some people feel it as electric shock or a jolt.
  • It can become worse when coughing or sneezing while sitting for long durations can intensify it.
  • It usually affects only one side of the body.
  • Some people feel tingling sensations, weakness in muscles, or numbness in the affected side.


Sciatica usually occurs due to the pinching of the sciatic nerve. The herniated or bulging disc or bone overgrowth in the spine (bone spur) generally causes this pinching. In rare cases, the sciatic pain may result from the tumor or spine damage that compresses the sciatic nerve.

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