Neck or cervical pain is among the common pain conditions. Many people complain about neck pain along with back pain. There can be several problems that cause pain in the neck. The muscles on the neck may become strained because of poor posture; for example, leaning too much while working on the computer or keeping your neck pent while sitting on the workbench. Moreover, the irritation or inflammation in the neural pathways can lead to pain in the shoulders, head, neck, arms, and hands.

Mostly, neck pain goes away in a few days or a few weeks. But if the pain in your neck persists for months, it can be an indication of some underlying health conditions or problems in your spinal nerves or cord. In this case, you should seek immediate treatment to get rid of chronic neck pain.

Signs and Symptoms

Some common signs and symptoms of chronic neck pain include:

  • Pain in the neck that worsens when you keep your head in the same posture for many hours, such as when working on the computer or driving
  • Tightness and spasm of muscles
  • Difficulty in moving the neck
  • Headaches

If your neck pain is progressive, getting severe and persists for weeks, you should immediately visit Atlas Health for expert consultation and treatment.

Causes of Neck Pain

As the neck provides support to the head and is flexible, it is vulnerable to various conditions and injuries, which may restrict neck movements and cause pain. Some common causes include:

  • Muscle strain
  • Compression of nerve
  • Degeneration of joint
  • Injuries to the neck region

Various diseases like arthritis, meningitis or even cancer

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