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Do you suffer from spinal compression or chronic neck and back pain?

Spinal Decompression Explained
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Your Reliable Healthcare Partner; Atlas Spine Center

Let us introduce you to our practice where we give you relief from the painful chronic neck, back and other spinal conditions without surgery.

Atlas Spine Center is a specialist chiropractic clinic that offers professional spinal decompression treatments to people like you who suffer from different chronic pain conditions. When it comes to healthcare, people generally want to know the underlying cause of their problem and want to have an effective treatment with long-lasting effects.

Being an established and experienced spinal decompression service provider, we consider it our responsibility to treat painful health conditions, provide you lasting relief from chronic pain, and improve your quality of life. Our neck, back and spinal specialists are qualified, trained, and highly-experienced in easing the patient’s pain through advanced spinal decompression techniques.

At Atlas Spine Center, our professionals not just focus on treating the symptoms of your health condition. We find the root cause of your health condition as well as develop an individual tailored treatment plan that precisely targets the underlying cause. This enables us to give you longer-lasting relief from your chronic health condition.

If you are living with painful health conditions and have tried pain medicines, injections, physical therapy, or even surgery to no avail, then Atlas Spine Center can help you!

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Through our advanced spinal decompression and other specialized techniques, we have successfully delivered amazing results for our hundreds of patients. We have helped them in significant pain reduction so much so that most of them have returned to their active lifestyle. Our experts can also help you to lead an active life again!

Why Should You Choose Us for Your Healthcare?

Comprehensive and Custom-Tailored Spinal Decompression Treatment

Atlas Spine Center dedicates to returning you to your active lifestyle and healthy living. We offer a comprehensive yet custom-tailored spinal decompression treatment plan that addresses your health concerns. Our experienced experts perform a careful examination and use advanced technology to diagnose your spinal condition. This enables us to identify the pain and problem-causing areas precisely.

Based on your diagnosis, we develop a customized treatment protocol. This covers both specialized NUCCA Spinal Care and non-surgical Spinal Decompression treatments. The combination of these outstanding techniques give results which are not possible to get through traditional chiropractic and medical therapies.
At Atlas Spine Center, our goal is to eliminate your pain, so it never returns. As we always strive to deliver the highest quality healthcare, we keep the number of patients limited. We only treat people with extreme pain conditions who have tried different types of treatment with no or little relief. If you are a prospective patient looking for consultation, we offer NO Charge consultation to evaluate your condition and its suitability for our treatment.

Are You Suffering From One or More of the Following Conditions?

Pain in the lower back is the most common health condition which leads to frequent practitioner visits.

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There can be several reasons for neck pain, including accident, strained neck muscle, or a pinched nerve.

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In most cases, herniated disc happens in the lower back (lumbar) or neck area (cervical spine).

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Although there is a variety of headaches due to different causes, all these have one common characteristic, “pain.”

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Herniated disc in the lumbar (lower back) region causes sciatica; pain and numbness felt in buttock extending to the leg.

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Small crevices may occur in the disc’s outer shell, which may cause disc bulging and initiate the degenerative process.

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A damage or trauma to your nerve or nerves can lead to a pinched nerve.

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There are many factors which can cause spinal canal narrowing a condition called spinal stenosis.

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Our Sincere Message to All Those Suffering from Chronic Pain Conditions

Our dearest friend,

We Want You to Lead a Pain-Free and Active Life

As healthcare professionals, we deliver the highest level of quality healthcare services for your long-lasting relief from chronic pain conditions. As leading management specialists, it is our goal to provide you with a highly effective non-surgical and no-medication treatment plan which gives you real-time results.
We have an in-depth understanding of the difficulties that you experience in life due to severe and persistent pain conditions. We understand that these conditions can affect your personal, social, professional, and emotional life adversely. These conditions also have a psychological effect making you think that there is no hope.

But we want to tell you that You Should Not Lose Hope!

By using our cutting-edge technology with advanced spinal decompression techniques and gentle upper cervical corrections (NUCCA), we can easily and effectively treat a wide variety of painful health conditions. We have treated a massive number of patients who suffered from similar pain condition that you are suffering from right now. Our experts treated them with great success and provided long-lasting relief.

We are committed to providing you with exceptional healthcare that relieves you from your agonizing pain with a guarantee of complete recovery.

Yours Truly,

Atlas Spine Center

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